Hidden Days

Posted By on Oct 24, 2012 | 4 comments

It has been one of those quiet, hidden days,
Like the wind brushing past dark cypresses as they sway;
Or the murmur of a shell, pressed close to the ear,
Which only the keenest perception can hear.
(“It is I, do not fear.”)
I have flitted through this dusk of a day,
A moth in dim air,
Or as shadows of leaves tapping at my windowpane.
Known only to him who has passed it with me.
Traversing the cloisters alone,
“It is Myself, how can you be afraid?”

-Sister Mary Agnes, Order of Poor Clares


  1. Love this! So thankful for His reality and presence with me throughout my days and this reminder of His ever present love.

  2. This is beautiful

  3. Love

  4. Wow. This makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing it, Sarah.

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