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Because tomorrow, I have an announcement to make. Oh, I’m excited about this. There are so many thoughts and studies and prayers and themes converging in this creative moment. I cannot wait to tell you about it! Check back tomorrow for the oh-so-official announcement.

Trafalgar Square, from the steps of the National Gallery.

Trafalgar Square, from the steps of the National Gallery.

I’m just checking in for today briefly after two very whirlwind January weeks. I’ve been up to my ears in books on evil, suffering, and redemption. (Let me know if you want the list.) Good, but heavy. I’ve battled a major Oxford winter cold. (Not good for when one is studying the problem of sin, suffering, and decay. It suddenly feels very personal.) I’ve had a visit from my brilliant and beloved sister and we’ve sat in numerous cafes discussing art, theology, and the finer points of a flat white. I’ve hopped, skipped, and jumped around London, the Chilterns, and the Cotswolds with Thomas. I’ve visited the British National Gallery for the first time (can you believe it?) and was floored by the sheer wealth of beauty. And I’m wrestling through an essay on how stories aid us in our grapple with evil.

I’ve also embarked again on Rowan William’s Silence and Honey Cakes: The Wisdom of the Desert, a superb devotional themed round the writing of the desert mothers and fathers. This little book gets under my skin and in my thought like few others. It’s a good evaluation of self, of my motives, of my fullness of heart in seeking Christ in the midst of this busy new year.

I’ve discovered a new and delightful blog bursting with literary enthusiasm and this inspiring post on creating a yearly personal book list: How to Make a Yearly Reading List (as a Grown Up)The fact that this writer regularly lists my favourite authors makes the blog a double delight. (She too was charmed by The Awakening of Miss Prim).

I’ve re-engaged with ‘On Being’, a podcast I have loved for years for its wide variety of shows on such things as faith, art, human development, religion, etc. If you want an episode for a starter, the one with John O’Donohue is of particular radiance: The Inner Landscape of Beauty.

And I saw the painting below, which fascinated me because it depicts, I believe, the legend of St. Eustace, one that is central to one of my favourite novels by Elizabeth Goudge: Pilgrim’s Inn. I’ve been curious for quite awhile to find an artistic depiction of the legend… unnamed


And… I’ll see you tomorrow!


  1. What a fun, beautiful post, my TBR pile once again grows. How intriguing that art piece is and your curiosity surrounding the story line in Pilgrim’s Inn. I love all the connections through books that we find! Looking forward to your news! 🙂

  2. Sarah, though we have never met, I am certain we were meant to be kindred spirits! Your books and blog are a haven of imagination for my pilgrim soul. Thank you, thank you for sharing stories that pursue beauty, goodness, and truth. I am so looking forward to your announcement!

  3. Hello Sarah,
    I would love to know your reading list! 🙂


  4. Hi Sarah!

    Looking forward to your announcement 🙂 And I would love any book lists you have to share! {{smiles}}

    I loved hearing that you enjoyed Miss Prim…I’m hoping to begin it very soon as well.

    Wishing you a lovely February…joy and blessings to you!

  5. Always love your book lists, please do share.
    Reading backwards- thrilled about your news in the post after this! What a treasure that will be to read and to share. Thank you!

  6. I, too would like to see the book list. I always enjoy reading your perspective and leave here refreshed and ready to look for beauty again. Thank you for sharing. Reading Middlemarch now, My Life in Middlemarch is waiting for me to finish, and Miss Prim requested from the library.

  7. Sarah, thanks for “re-engaging” with our podcast! We missed you! 😉

  8. Hello Sarah,

    I hope you get this belated note.

    I would be interested in your booklist on evil, suffering and redemption. In the context of a long sorrow, I am reading “God and the Mystery of Human Suffering: A Theological Conversation Across the Ages” by Robin Ryan. Perhaps it is already on your list.

    Congratulations on your book deal. Your writing is always a delight so a new book from you is eagerly anticipated here. And a podcast would be grand!

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