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        Hot Rolling Producing Line


        Accu-Roll hot rolling set, circular furnace, piercing machine, sizing machine, 6 rollers straightening machine, magnetic leakage detection, solution and re-heat furnace, pipe has good surface quality, even wall thickness and wide dimension range.

        20m Circular Furnace
        Piercing Machine
        14 Sets Sizing Machine
        6 Rollers Straightening Machine

        Extrusion Producing Line


        Imported Italian DANIELI 25MN vertical reaming machine and 63MN horizontal hot extruding press, highest extruding speed 300mm/s, largest extruding power 62.17MN, extruding pipe size: Φ57~325mm×4.5~60mm, length: 4000~24000mm, weight per billet: 1.5t, accuracy: diameter tolerance ±1%, wall thickness ±8%. Hot extruding technology is three directions stress bearing condition, producing round pipe, square pipe, profile, and has great advantage of high temperature alloy manufacturing.

        Reaming Machine
        Billet Out System
        Straightening Machine
        Circular Furnace
        Solution Furnace
        Atmosphere Protection Furnace
        Brighten and Heat Treatment Furnace
        Packing Machine

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